Meet Amanda Daley, the new Graduate Assistant

Hello! I am Amanda Daley, the new Graduate Assistant for the Office of Graduate and International Admissions! Let me introduce myself;

-I am 22 years old and grew up in the Capital Region my whole life.

-I completed my Undergraduate B.S. degree here at The College of Saint Rose in December 2012, with a degree in Childhood Education with a concentration in English. I am currently certified to teach grades 1-6, and I am a substitute teacher in the Capital Region.

-I am currently enrolled at the college as a Graduate student in the M.S Education Curriculum & Instruction Program, in the elective track, which will certify me in both early as well as adolescent education. I will graduate in May 2014. This program is 30-33 credits, and you can choose a track to get either a second initial certification, or an extension to an existing certification.

-Throughout my Undergraduate Career at Saint Rose, I was involved in a variety of clubs and organizations, including: Saint Rose Orchestra, Student Association, Student Events Board, Student Alumni Association, and Reach Out Saint Rose. I was also an Orientation Leader for incoming freshmen in the summer of 2012.

-I have attended many events here at Saint Rose, my favorites being: Rose Rock, Relay for Life, Saint Baldrick’s Day, SAA Wing Night & Confectionary Concert, Semi Formals, Mr. Saint Rose, and the Saint Rose Music Awards.

-In my spare time, I compete in pageants, and model in fashion shows.

-I have traveled to Europe 3 times and have many friends in France and England, so I am excited to work with International students!

I look forward to blogging often about different helpful tips and how-to information for Graduate students! Please feel free to contact me at any time at and take a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Should you go to graduate school?

There is a lot of debate circulating throughout the internet and the news about whether or not earning a Master’s Degree is worth it. There is not right or wrong answer to this question. What it comes down to, is doing what’s best for you. There are many factors you should consider when thinking about grad school:

Finances: There’s no questions about it – grad school costs a lot of money. Saint Rose offers scholarships, grants, and graduate assistantships to help finance your education, but you will still need to take out a loan. It may rack up a pretty bill, but hey, you’re already in debt from your undergrad!

Career Goals: Many professions require Master’s Degrees, so there are a few of you who won’t be able to avoid graduate school. Some careers, such as teaching and speech pathology, almost universally, require graduate degrees to remain in the profession. You should have a clear career goal in mind when considering graduate school.

Compensation: Even in a tough economy, on average, graduate degree holders earn more than those workers without an advanced level degree.

Marketability: Many people seek graduate degrees to keep their knowledge and skill level current, while others use graduate study for career advancement.

Career Change: Many people are looking to move into a new career or profession, and a graduate degree can often open the door into this new phase.

When To Go To Graduate School

There is a debate regarding whether students should attend graduate school directly after completing an undergraduate degree or if they should first go into the workforce. There is no correct answer to this question. Individually, you must take into account many factors, including finances, scheduling, work and family obligations, and the career that you seek.

Graduate Degree Programs at Saint Rose

Saint Rose offers over 40 master’s degree programs in the fields of computer science, business, arts and humanities, and education. Most of the programs have part-time and full-time options with a majority of courses offered in the evening. To browse a full listing of our graduate degree programs, click here.

If you have any questions about the degree programs and want to speak with an admissions representative, please call Graduate Admissions at 518-454-5143 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

The International Experience with Ridhima Baxi

Saint Rose is well known for its large population of international students. Our campus is filled with students from more than 25 countries including China, Canada, Egypt, El Salvador, England, Hong Kong, Kenya, Thailand, etc. The culturally rich area and adaptive school create a comfortable and easily transition into our college atmosphere.

Ridhima pic23 year old Ridhima Baxi, from New Delhi, India recently made the trek to Saint Rose to pursue an MBA. Upon choosing Saint Rose, she knew that it would “definitely add to [her] international experience of education.”

I asked Ridhima Baxi about her experience as an international student and Graduate Assistant for International Recruitment & Admissions at Saint Rose.

How did Saint Rose help you through your application process?

I was in touch with Colleen Thapalia who helped me with the application process. Ann Wilkening guided me through the visa process. The SEVIS information had to be updated for all my procedures to get admitted into the college.

How did you get your GA position? What was that process like? How did it help you acclimate to Saint Rose?

I had been in touch with Colleen Thapalia for the GA position for International Recruitment & Admissions in Spring. However, I received a call from her in Fall 2012 and continued the further formalities for the GA. I am now familiar with the various procedures of admission and courses of the college for the international students. It is a great experience.

Why did you choose Saint Rose? What do you like about the area?

The College of Saint Rose was referred to by one of my acquaintances as a good college in the area. My family shifted to this area and that was the thing I liked about this area. The college is quite strategically located.

Was the transition to New York different?

Yes, the transition was quite different as I had the visa formalities for admission and other medical procedures. Also, I had to adjust to the extreme climate conditions. But it is a nice and quite a populous state.

International students are required to take either the TOEFL or the IELTS and possibly the GRE/GMAT exams depending on the program the student plans to apply for. The graduate application also requires two letters of recommendation, resume, a statement of purpose, an official transcript, and a certificate of eligibility for student Visa.

For more information about international applicant opportunities, visit the site, or contact Colleen Thapalia at (518) 454-5143.