Communications graduate Christine Kenyi works to promote children’s rights

The Master of Arts in Communications program at Saint Rose prepares students to enter fields in journalism, public relations, and media.  Recent alum Christine Kenyi shares how the graduate program helped prepare her for employment at UNICEF headquarters in New York City.

Kenyi, from Arusha, Tanzania, earned her BA in Communications at Waldorf College and earned her MA in Communications at Saint Rose in August 2011. She is currently working as an Outreach Analyst at UNICEF.

Kenyi’s passion for communications grew out of her love of meeting new people. In a people-centered field like communications, she says, you have to be willing to work with others and be open-minded to new ideas. “Throughout my life, I have been exposed to so many different people and cultures in many different environments and I’ve always enjoyed interacting with them. Communications ended up being a natural fit for me.”

Kenyi says the William Randolph Hearst Center for Communications and Interactive Media attracted her to apply to Saint Rose. “The facilities are brand new and state of the art. The graduate program appeared well-rounded and very hands-on, which is important in this field of study.” In addition, Kenyi says that the scholarship she earned made Saint Rose a financially realistic and reasonable choice for her.

While attending Saint Rose, Kenyi found the writing courses took her abilities to a new level.  Some of the most demanding were the journalism classes taught by Dr. Cailin Brown. “It was very challenging to go out into the community and find interviews for stories to meet class deadlines. However, I was always impressed by Dr. Brown’s clear passion for journalism. Although my future doesn’t lie in journalism, I learned a lot from the hands-on experiences in Dr. Brown’s classes.”

Student writing from Professor Brown’s class appears on The Pine Hills blog, a collaboration of Saint Rose and the Albany Times Union newspaper.  For a listing of Kenyi’s contributions, click here.  The College of Saint Rose is located in the Pine Hills area of Albany; the blog provides news about the neighborhood’s people, businesses, and organizations.

Having had several internship and work experiences, Kenyi has a clear goal for her future. “I have always wanted to follow in my parents’ footsteps and build a career doing development work, so being at UNICEF is an amazing opportunity to introduce myself to this type of work,” she says, “I hope to continue with UNICEF or similar organizations, with the ultimate goal of going out into the field offices and actually implementing the programs that help the less fortunate to help themselves.”

Kenyi suggests that students who are open-minded and willing to step outside their comfort zones are likely to find success in the Communications graduate program. “The faculty will not have you just sitting in a classroom; you will experience real-life situations that you may eventually face in your professional career. This, in my opinion, is sometimes the best way to learn.”

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