Meet CSSA Student, Meagan Corbett

As an undergrad at Saint Rose, Meagan Corbett was a familiar face on campus. She served as the Director of Social Events for Student Association (planning events such as Rose Rock, Harvest Fest, and blood drives), the Senior Events chair for Student Events Board, was a Resident Assistant, and was an officer on the Golden Knights Dance Club. She graduated with her B.A. in Psychology (focusing on Clinical/Counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology), and is now back at Saint Rose for her Masters in College Student Services Administration.

What is your program and why did you choose it?

College Student Services Administration- I chose this program because I was very involved in many extracurricular activities during my Undergraduate Career, held various leadership positions such as a Resident Assistant and a board member for both Student Association and Student Events Board. These positions involved a wide variety of programming and working with other college students. These leadership experiences made me never want to leave that field!

What has Saint Rose done for you?

Saint Rose has helped me develop into a better leader and have given me many opportunities to utilize those skills I’ve learned here.

What are your ultimate career goals?

I would like to work at a College/University specifically in the fields of Student Affairs, Admissions, or Alumni Relations

Why did you choose to continue graduate studies at Saint Rose?

I chose to continue my studies at Saint Rose for the small class sizes and the sense of community we have here.

What is the best/your favorite part of campus?

My favorite part of campus would be the Campus Green. My favorite time of the year is the mid-end of the Spring semester and getting to see everyone out there on really nice days doing homework, playing Frisbee, etc.

Who has inspired/influenced you at Saint Rose?

Too many people! The faculty and staff are very positive here and have a drive to help us as students become successful. I’ve definitely looked to those working in Student Affairs now as inspiration to continue my education studying in College Student Services.

What is the most difficult thing about Grad school?

The late night classes are difficult for me. I would much rather get class and other things done in the morning if I can.

What advice can you give to prospective students wanting to come to grad school/Saint Rose?

Get involved! Just because we are Grad students does not mean we can’t enjoy the other opportunities/events/organizations Saint Rose has to offer.

Meet Education Student, Andrew Ficili

Andrew Ficili is a familiar face around Saint Rose. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree here in Adolescence History Education, and during his undergraduate career was a member of various clubs and organizations. He is from Gloversville, New York and his hobbies include spending time with friends, playing golf, and watching sports. Currently, he is in his first year of the Curriculum and Instruction Program.

What is your program and why did you choose it? 

The program that I chose is the Masters Program in Curriculum and Instruction with a grade 5-6 track. I chose this program to help bolster my skills as a teacher. Additionally, the grades 5-6 track will ultimately lead to an extension in these grades, thus, allowing me to teach in an elementary, middle, and high school setting. 

What has Saint Rose done for you?

Saint Rose has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual personally, academically, and professionally. I have been a part of many clubs and organizations on campus and I have taken many challenging courses to spark my quest for knowledge, and I have become friends with many different types of people that I would not have met if I did not come to Saint Rose.

What are your ultimate career goals?

My ultimate career goal is to teach in a middle or high school setting in either Global or United States history. Those are my two favorite areas of history. My goal as an educator and a person is to help someone in some way every day. I feel that is what I was put on this earth to do.

Why did you choose to continue graduate studies at Saint Rose?

I chose to continue at Saint Rose due to the type of programs that Saint Rose offers. I felt that Saint Rose gave me the best opportunity to grow as a professional and reach my ultimate career goal.

What is the best/your favorite part of campus?

My favorite part of the campus is the community that Saint Rose has become. Saint Rose has an amazing faculty and staff that make the students feel welcome. Additionally, the Saint Rose students themselves drive the community.

Who has inspired/influenced you at Saint Rose?

I have been inspired by many at Saint Rose. I have been inspired by my professors both past and present to keep pushing forward even when things get difficult. I have also been inspired by my many friends and their stories and struggles that they have gone through. They are some of the most positive people that I have ever met even though they have gone through some very difficult things.

What is the most difficult thing about grad school?

The most difficult thing about grad school is just adjusting from daytime classes to night time classes. I would also say that I found one of the most difficult things about graduate school is the growing up factor and transition from the undergraduate level to the graduate level.

What advice can you give to prospective students wanting to come to grad school/Saint Rose?

I would tell prospective students who want to come to grad school at Saint Rose or just to Saint Rose in general to just be yourself because the community at Saint Rose is so accepting and welcoming to everyone in general. I would also advise students to be ready for a challenge academically. The courses at Saint Rose are difficult but so rewarding in the end.

Meet Amanda Daley, the new Graduate Assistant

Hello! I am Amanda Daley, the new Graduate Assistant for the Office of Graduate and International Admissions! Let me introduce myself;

-I am 22 years old and grew up in the Capital Region my whole life.

-I completed my Undergraduate B.S. degree here at The College of Saint Rose in December 2012, with a degree in Childhood Education with a concentration in English. I am currently certified to teach grades 1-6, and I am a substitute teacher in the Capital Region.

-I am currently enrolled at the college as a Graduate student in the M.S Education Curriculum & Instruction Program, in the elective track, which will certify me in both early as well as adolescent education. I will graduate in May 2014. This program is 30-33 credits, and you can choose a track to get either a second initial certification, or an extension to an existing certification.

-Throughout my Undergraduate Career at Saint Rose, I was involved in a variety of clubs and organizations, including: Saint Rose Orchestra, Student Association, Student Events Board, Student Alumni Association, and Reach Out Saint Rose. I was also an Orientation Leader for incoming freshmen in the summer of 2012.

-I have attended many events here at Saint Rose, my favorites being: Rose Rock, Relay for Life, Saint Baldrick’s Day, SAA Wing Night & Confectionary Concert, Semi Formals, Mr. Saint Rose, and the Saint Rose Music Awards.

-In my spare time, I compete in pageants, and model in fashion shows.

-I have traveled to Europe 3 times and have many friends in France and England, so I am excited to work with International students!

I look forward to blogging often about different helpful tips and how-to information for Graduate students! Please feel free to contact me at any time at and take a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Meet Relay For Life Co-Chair Kathleen Gargan

This year’s Relay For Life is Friday, April 26th from 6pm-6am. This year the theme is a big birthday party because we’re celebrating more birthdays! Registration starts at 4pm the day of the event, but you can also preregister online. Starting April 16th, the registration fee will be $20. Each person is asked to raise $100 for the cause in order to get a Relay t-shirt. Everyone in the Capital Region is invited to attend Relay. If you can’t make it to the event, donations are still accepted.

Kathleen Gargan, Annemarie Papandrea, Samantha Brewer at the Summit (Photo Credit to Kathleen Gargan)

Kathleen Gargan, Annemarie Papandrea, Samantha Brewer at the Summit (Photo Credit to Kathleen Gargan)

Last week, I sat down with graduate student and Relay For Life Co-Chair, Kathleen Gargan to discuss this year’s event. Kathleen graduated from Saint Rose in May 2012 with a BA in English. She is currently a College Student Services Administration (CSSA) major.

How have you prepared for this year’s Relay For Life?

This year is the first full year that Relay For Life is completely student run. We are a Colleges Against Cancer club now, which is a nationally recognized and one our campus is a Student Association club.  In the fall, we had a ‘Paint the Campus Pink’ week for Breast Cancer Awareness and we encouraged people to go down to Washington Park for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Rachel O’ Connor, the education chair, led that entire week and she did all the events with her committee. In November, the advocacy chair, Kayli Hurd, led events for the The Great American Smoke-Out. She had over 260 petitions signed to make Washington Park smoke-free. Sophia Karnavezos, the Caregiver Chair, led National Caregiver month in November. We educated the Saint Rose community on what caregivers are.  We’ve noticed that there are a lot of caregivers on campus, but they don’t identify with the title because they don’t think what they’ve done necessarily qualifies them to be a caregiver.

Last year we didn’t start planning until January. The Office of Residence Life used to run Relay. We were actually very odd in the fact that we had an office running Relay because typically on a college campus, students run the event. It was a lot for one office to put on by themselves and we almost didn’t have a Relay. It was me and 3 other people that really started getting the ball rolling last year, so we didn’t start until January. We had a lot of passionate students that joined the committee and I was so proud of every Saint Rose Relayer. We ended the year with $28,000. Nationals goal for our college is $30,000 and that was also the goal we picked for ourselves. The highest amount Saint Rose ever raised was $52,000. Hopefully one day, we can get it back up there.

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