National Day on Writing

Photo taken by Juliet Barney

Happy National Day on Writing, Folks! Well, it’s not officially National Day on Writing until Saturday, but Saint Rose is celebrating today with a number of activities in the Main Lounge in the EAC (more commonly known as the room by Starbucks). National Day on Writing is October 20, 2012. Yes, it is an official holiday.

Don’t think you’re much of a writer? I beg to differ.

Do you text? E-mail? Instant Message? Record videos of your friends and family? Do you Tweet or post on Facebook? Draw in your notebook?

That’s all writing.

Without knowing it, you are writing every day in some way, shape, or form. This holiday was created to show the country how important writing is, no matter the outlet. Technology has made it easier for people to share their writing. Writing is now able to reach a wider audience, even if you’re just telling the Twittersphere what you had for lunch.

Tomorrow, on October 19, join the nationwide trending topic on Twitter. Tweet #whatiwrite combined with #dayonwriting to join in. Accompany the thousands of participants and share what writing means to you and how you choose to express yourself through writing.

Today I visited the National Day on Writing celebration and was amazed by the amount of student participation.

The celebration has 6 word memoirs on Post-It notes. A display of letters written by Saint Rose alumni during the end of WWII circa 1945 . Handwritten tweets. A display of technology throughout the years which contained an ink pot and pen, WordPress, Underwood typewriter, keyboard, an electric typewriter, and the laptop. There is a wall to share your thoughts with the rest of the school. You can write something, draw something, or simply sign your name. There is also a stream of live tweets with the hash-tags #whatiwrite and #thinkinink.

The 6 word memoirs are my favorite every year. Here is what students have to say:

Photo take by Juliet Barney

“I like walks in the fall”

“Don’t just go through the motions”

“Keep calm and pet a cat”

“You’re never pressed without a smile”

“Integrity, peace, selfishness, selflessness. That’s it”

“We’re all five in the inside”

“Grad school has kicked my butt”

Stop in and share your voice. Tell your story before someone else tells it for you.

Also, be sure to come to the Frequency North event tonight to see author Anne Trubek speak about the importance of writing.


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