Studio Art graduate Jacqueline Weaver makes her mark in art community

Studio Art alum Jacqueline Weaver has enjoyed several achievements since graduating with her Master’s degree in 2010. In this Alumni Angle post, Weaver explains how her Saint Rose education has helped her prepare for success in the art industry.


A photo of Weaver (left) and a sample of her work, The Idiots Chair (right)

Weaver, from Columbiaville, NY, is currently an Arts Administration Associate at the Foundry for Art Design + Culture, as well as a curatorial intern at the Green County Council on the Arts. In addition to earning her Master’s degree in Studio Art from Saint Rose, Weaver earlier earned a dual bachelor’s degree here in Painting and Art Education in 2006. Her recent activities include site specific works for Letting Go (Newark, NJ), and 21 Rooms (York, ME), in addition to several shows in the Albany area. Weaver’s short video, Gaza, January 3, 2009, was featured last summer on the PBS series TV Film.

Weaver’s passion as a studio artist began during her undergraduate education. While she enjoyed teaching art for several years, mainly to high school students, she eventually wanted to expand her own art-making practice and explore teaching at the college level in the future. This led her back to Saint Rose for a Master’s degree in Studio Art.  Her graduate studies allowed Weaver to satisfy certification requirements for teaching, which she continued to do as she completed her master’s degree and expanded her own art repertoire.

Weaver appreciates how her education at Saint Rose encouraged her to stay connected with the contemporary art world through sourcebook assignments and frequent trips to art galleries. She believes that this aspect was especially beneficial. “Art is this living, breathing, growing thing that connects all parts of life. It is a response to life. It is relevant. It is happening now. This is an emphasis that I took into my classroom, and it also applies to the curatorial decisions.”


More samples of Weaver’s work

Many of Weaver’s art professors played an integral role in her growth as an artist. Although Weaver entered the graduate program as a painter, she moved toward video and installation work. Professors Deborah Zlotsky and Scott Brodie were key supporters in this evolution. “Professor Zlotsky helped me simplify my ideas and focus my work.  She was able to find me a large enough physical space to work in for my studio and also a space to exhibit my work, which really gave me that first push I needed,” Weaver says. “Professor Brodie gave me ‘permission’ to explore, invent, and make mistakes. This was also huge, and because of it, I ventured out into the area of performance with my video work, which is still a part of what I do.”

In January, Weaver served as the curator of the second annual Catskill Film and Video Fest. Among her various duties as curator, Weaver was responsible for judging the submissions and planning the entire festival. She shares what it was like to organize the film fest:

Not only was I curating, but organizing the event down to all the details like organizing rides from the train station for my filmmakers.  I had 100 national and international submissions. I watched them all and narrowed it down to just over 30 shorts and 2 feature length films. We had a few bigger (but young) names (including some award winners) and some locals that I asked specifically to participate. They all said yes.

After four months of intense planning, Weaver successfully carried out the event, with hundreds of visitors in attendance. Weaver says that many of the filmmakers took trains, planes, and automobiles to be on hand for Q&A sessions throughout the day. The event was so successful, that many of the participants are already asking Weaver about next year’s event. For more information about the fest, including awards, critics, pictures and press release, click here.

Weaver says that her Saint Rose education helped her bring together the resources needed for the successful all-day event. “It was at Saint Rose that I first became interested in video art, contemporary art, public art, art as an educational tool, and the idea of creating/being a part of an art community. With this film fest, that is really what it came down to – the idea of community. All of us – artists, filmmakers, critics, supporters, audience members – became a community of people in support of the arts and one another.”

For more information on Jacqueline Weaver, please visit her website at http:///

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