Changes in repayment rules may help you reduce student loan debt

There’s some good news for college graduates with student loan debt. President Obama announced two new student loan initiatives that are designed to help about 1.6 million borrowers who are striving to pay back their student loans.

Student loan expert, Heather Jarvis, writes about student loan issues on and on her own blog.  In a recent post, Jarvis describes the two new initiatives – “Pay as You Earn” and special consolidation loans – and how recent graduates can determine if they are eligible, as well as making sure they benefit.  Although reading about loan terms and repayments may seem daunting, Jarvis explains the new programs in everyday language. So you don’t have to be a math whiz or finance major to learn about how these initiatives can help you now!

Click here to read Jarvis’ blog post. She also has a recorded webinar you can view.  For questions about financial aid at Saint Rose and individualized assistance for our undergraduate and graduate students, please visit our website or contact the Office of Financial Aid at 518-458-5464.


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